How to shape your eyebrows

Hi little cupcakes. So as you may know eyebrows are very important and they frame your face.

To shape them you can use:

-a tweezer                  -wax stripes       -thread

If you decide to use tweezer you should remember to pul hair one by one in fast motions.

Wax stripes are the most easy way to pil out the hair and the hair will not grow back so quickly. But with the wax stripes you are not so accurate so you have to use twezer afterwords.

To pul hair out with a tread can be a little difficult, so go check out some videos on how to do that:)

Thewre are many ways on how to shape your brows to find i shape that suits you best. And belive me it can take some time. Just keep trying until you’re happy with the look.

Thank you so much and have a nice day

love, 99cupcakes

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