Must have fall items

As you know fall is coming and there comes the fashion. So I posted some fall clothing pieces to help you look as stylish when the school starts as you can.



A scarf will keep you worm and also you can style it in many different ways. With a colorfull scarf you can brighten up a plane t-shirt or you can wear it with your jacket on a cold days.


The latest trend the boyfriend jeans are the must have in your closet. They’re so comfie and they look good with any top you like. You can wear it with sneakers or heals if you are going to somewhere classy.


Ankle boots are perfect for an everyday look with jeans, but they also look really cute with a skirt.


Knittes sweathers are lovely becouse they’re worm and comfi. They look perfect with a shirt under and some jeans or leggings.

Hope you like it, if you have some questions or tips just comment down below.

Have a nice day
Love 99cupcakes

6 thoughts on “Must have fall items

  1. ladysighs says:

    I’m always found in jeans and sweatshirt. Don’t need any more clothes and I am out of style on everything. But I love reading and looking at the fashion magazines. I think your suggestions are great. 🙂

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