Babylips review

Hi sweeties how are you?

Today I decided to make a review on a lip balm called Baby lips by maybelline. I it a very popular product so I decided to try it out.

I bought this one in pink colour. It smells like strawberries.


I like that is very pigmented it’s a bright pink colour. But I don’t like that it makes my lips dry. I would recomend to put a moisturising lip balm under it so that your lips are not so dry. i love the look of it so that’s the only issue I have with it.

I know there are many baby lips products so I am looking forward to try them. Thery’re also pretty affordable.



Have a nice day and if you have any suggestion leave it in the comment below 🙂


4 thoughts on “Babylips review

  1. mollyannking says:

    Thanks for this review! Was going to have this to act as like a chap stick/lip stick for the winter, but if it drys your lips out whats the point!

    Great post oxox

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