How to style: Skater skirt

hello sweeties 🙂

Today I will show you have to style a skater skirt. I just love this pieces it is defenetly a must have in your closet. It makes your waist tiny and your bottom nice and round 😉 There are many different ways to style different skirts so let’s begin:

1. With a crop top


images (1)

You can go for a simple style, just pick a simple skirt and crop top and it will look so cute.


You can also choose a matching crop top and skirt and I simply looove this look. Here is Ariana Grande rocking this look.

2. With combat boots


I cannot tell you how much I love this look. Rock meet cute. Yesss

3.With knee high socks


Knee high socks are so hot right now, they make your legs appear longer and you can also wear then in the winter and autumn time becouse they’re super warm. Just choose a simple colour like black,grey, dark red.

3. With a cardigan or a sweater.


prenos (1)

The last way is also super simple and casual but also cute. Choose a basic sweater or cardigen with a top and skater skirt but you can also go for a bolder look.

Good luck and have a nice day,

Love, 99cupcakes

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