Makeup mistakes

Hello sweeties!

I know, I know it happens to the best if us sometimes we apply makeup wrong. That’s ok nobody’s perfect 🙂 let me show you some:

Applying the wrong foundation shade


You should choose foundation as close  as your natural skin tone. Also blend it well on your neck. When buying foundation try it on your skin and ask your friends or someone near you for an opinion.

Overlining the lips


It’s ok to make your lips bigger by overlining them a bit but make shure not to over do it. Also make shure to blend the lines for a natural efect.

To much



Right now they’re trendy more earthy colours so try not to use to bright colour (unless you like that than go ahead) and also try not to put eyeshadow all over your eyelid

A lot of blush


A lot of blush will make you look like a clown and not natural. If you go for a very dramatic eyes try to keep it down with a blush.

Hope you like this if you have any more sugestion please tell me and have a nice day 🙂

Love 99cupcakes

2 thoughts on “Makeup mistakes

  1. xkassiopeia says:

    Good post! Lots of great tips. For foundation I always recommend trying a sample on and seeing it in natural light. Gives a much better view than those lights in stores. Also I see quite a few ladies filling in their brows too much.. It’s best to lightly fill in the outer two thirds and leave the inner one third well groomed. X 😉

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