October favorites ♡

hello sweetie!

October has pass by us so fast. I can’t believe it’s over already. Overall it has been a beautiful month. I love hove the weather is getting colder, but our clothes warmer and cozier. I didn’t do a ton of shopping this week but I thought I would share some things with you anyway.


Essence Nude Glam nail polish
It’s the perfect nude colour and super affordable. It also stayed on for a pretty long time; about 3-4 days.

Picture 679

A necklace from a random store called Tedy. It’s a beautiful necklace and it only costed 2 euros (I know!!)
I can pair that whit a simple shirt or sweater, just perfect.

Picture 651

A lipstick also from Tedy. I have to say i LOVE this lipstick it is very pigmented, bright red-pink
colour and it stays on all day. This is my favourite lipstick so far. It is called Beauty women and it only costed 1 euro ( again I know!!). Tedy is amazing.

Picture 664

The last item is a pear of boots. I don’t remember what the store was called, I’m sorry. They’re really comfortable and they will be great for winter and fall. I just love the bling on them, it’s special.

Picture 692

For the end:
prenos (8)

Thank you for reading and have a nice day
Love Elisabeth101beauty xx

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