How to stay positive

Hello sweeties today I decided to make a bit of a different post. We all know how hard it is to stay positive. Life is stressfull, we all have our problems. To prevent having this kind of days you can do many things. And if they don’t work, don’t worry sometimes you are just having a bad day. But if this days happen to often, talk with someone about your problems.


Every good day starts with a good morning. Take your time,  do your morning routine but skip everything you can do the day before like picking an outfit. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast, it will give you energy for the rest of the day. Drink your favourite tea or coffe, it will relax you.
Make your bed, it will make you fell acomplished. Before leaving the house put a smile on your face thinking something wonderfull is about to happen.


Smile a lot.


Talk to your friend or family they can make you forget about your problem.


Go for a walk. Even better if you have a dog! You will clear your mind and also it is very relaxing.


Listen to music. Music is very comforting.


Go shopping. Just don’t do that everytime you’re down becouse your wallet will feel the pain too.


Watch your favourite show.


Before bed don’t overthink. I know we all do it. Try falling to sleep with music or happy thoughts on your mind.


And at the end remember: everything is going to be alright. After every rain there comes the rainbow 🙂


Wishing you a lovely day

19 thoughts on “How to stay positive

  1. dellisphelps says:

    I love your suggestion that making my bed will give me a feeling of accomplishing something before I even leave my bedroom.

    I spent years not doing it out of some kind of spite against my poor dad who insisted ( a la Navy style) that I make my bed every morning.

    Now, on the days that I do this, I DO FEEL BETTER and every time I pass my bedroom, I smile.

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