Winter essentials

Hello sweeties the 1 of the december in on monday and we are approaching the christmas spirit. Yeeeah i’m so excited i can’t even tell you. I though i would show you some essentials you may need for the winter.

1. Fuzzy socks. I live in those. They’re so frikin worm and soft. I sleep in them and walk around the house. I wish i could wear them to school but that would look kind of funny, i guess. They come in many bright or pastel colours and also in christmas kind of style.


2. Onsie

If you don’t know what this is, it’s made of a one piece, pants and top are sewed together (you maybe wore that as a child). It’s so warm and comfie a can even.. and it comes in many christmas patterns. It’s a must in winter. To bad you can wear it outside (or can you??).


3. Tea

There are different kinds of tea, but my favourite is tea that tastes like fruit. Very healthy is also green tea, it clears out acne and it clears out your metabolism. If your stomach hurts drink chamomile tea. Try to avoid putting sugar in you tea, put honey in it to make it sweeter.


3. Moisturizer.

It’s important to moisturize you skin expecially during winter when your skin gets dry becouse cold and wind. Apply it everytime before you go out.


4. A Scarf, gloves and a benie.

This items will keep you warm during winter. Gloves will make your hands warm, benie your head and a scarf neck. They also make a cute accessory.


5. Coat

Of couse you need coat during winter, except if you live in a warm area. Coats can make a great look becouse they’re very elegant an classy.


6. Boots

Boots are also a must, becouse are very fashionable this year and also super warm. Chose your favourite.


If you have any own ideas please share them. And also i will start with christmas ideas and diys on my blog so hope you will like that.

Thank you so much if you’re reading this and tell me what i should do next 🙂

Have a lovely day,
Love Elizabeth101beauty

8 thoughts on “Winter essentials

  1. Marija says:

    I love this. I really need to start sporting onsie’s! One of my winter essential’s is definitely Plush Furry boots for indoors. Basically home slippers that are as furry as the socks and they are A MUST for me.

  2. chris says:

    Moisturize my skin….yeah i always forget it!
    Aaaand yeah, i agree with you, but as an italian, i would say: yeah winter is coming, but style should stay! 🙂

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