Being healthy for a week

Hi how are you?:)
It’s the first month of the year so I wanted to do something for myself. I decided to be extra healthy for a week and then see how it’s working out for me. Of course after a week I won’t eat a jar of nuttela and lay on the sofa infront of tv, i will still try to be healthy becouse on the long term being healthy is always a good idea. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to lose weight I’m already too skinny (I can’t gain weight).

I also want to do this becouse of acne and see if some of my acne dissapear with eating mostly healthy.

What I will try to do:
-drink at least 5 glasses of water per day
-exercise more (I already play volleyball 4 times a week but i could sit less)
-eat more vegetables (becouse lets be honest becouse french fries doesn’t count as a vegetable)
-sleep more (at least 8 hours)
-eat breakfast in the morning

I will start tomorow, that’s wednesday.

Who’s with me?

Wish me luck, love elizabeth101beauty


16 thoughts on “Being healthy for a week

  1. thegirldish says:

    I am doing a fruit cleanse and on my last day today. However, I will try this starting next week. (After the cleanse I’m not sure how my eating is going to change)
    Best of luck to you!

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