It’s ok to have acne

Hi how are you?:)

Many teenagers and also adults are fighting acne. I am one of them and it can be hard becouse looks in teenage years is very important and it can damage your self esteem. I often worry about acne more than I should becouse in the end it’s just acne. Of course you can fight them with makeup but first you have to say to yourself (and me to myself) that it’s not such a big deal. Even if you think ew everybody is looking at my acne most of the time nobody even notice them. Many people have

them and few lucky people avoid them when hitting puberty. it’s normal your hormons get crazy and create extra dirt on your face. You can get rid of some but i will leave that for another post. I put my makeup on everyday trying to hide then and i get so angry looking at some of my classmates which have perfect acne free skin. But then i think, maybe they will get it later on. It depends on genetics, my mum and my brother had acne too in their puberty so of course i have them too. Some people have “better” genetics and don’t have acne at all. What I am trying to say don’t worry about it becouse most of people have them at some point at life. Maybe makeup helps but at the end when i takemy makeup off i want to be confident enough to say i look just fine. Hope i will get to that poin

t some day and I wish the same to those who are fighting acne too. Good luck!


Love elizabeth101beauty

5 thoughts on “It’s ok to have acne

  1. laurenpickens says:

    I have fought acne since about the age of 12. It used to really tear my self esteem down. I’ve made piece with it now and my skin really did calm down as I got older. But you’re right everyone has flaws but I had to learn to be okay with it.

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