How to clean makeup brushes ♡

Hi sweeties, how are you?

cleaning your brushes is very important, becouse there can be a lot od dirt and bacterias on them after you apply your foundation, concealer etc. So clean your brushes well once in a while.

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What you will need:

-a detergent (I used the one you use to clean your clohes with)
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-a cup (or something else to put your detergent in)
-water (to rinse off the product)
-hair conditioner (the one you use in the shower)
As you may noticed you probably have all the ingridience at home so you don’t need to buy anything special.

Let’s start!

First put detergent into the cup, you don’t need much, about a half of a cup. Then take your brush and put it under water so it becomes wet. Then dip it into the detergent. Using circular motion rub your brush gently on the back of your hand. You will see the product getting off the brush. Rinse the detergent off and put the brush under water once again. Then take a conditioner (it doesn’t matter which one) and put a little bit on the brush. rinse with water again.

And there you have it, beautiful clean brushes. You can see there are complitely different colour than before and I was shocked that my brushes were that dirty.

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I hope this was helpfull, thank you for reading, have a nice day.
xoxo elizabeth101beauty

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