Products that I regret buying!

Hi how are you?:)

Today I decided to show you some products that I didn’t really like or I wouldn’t repurchase it.

This doesn’t mean you won’t like it eather, different products work different on different people. I don’t like them but maybe you will love it. It’s just my personal opinion:)

The first product I didn’t like is the Catrice Matt Mousse make up foundation. It gave me wonderfull coverage but it creased the minute I put it on my skin. I looks very natural and it would be a great foundation, but becouse it’s a mousse i creases very easy. This is the only mousse foundation i ever used so please tell me if you know any other which doesn’t creases becouse i loved the coverage and the natural look of itimage

the next product is the Catrice Made to stay highlighter pen.Β  It a beautiful creamy nude pink highlighter, you put it on your browbone and in the ineer corner of the eye. The concept is good, the problem is that it becomes cakey and it creases so it looks like you have a really bad concealer around your eye.


Then there’s the Essence Sun Club matt bronzing powder. I have a love hate relationship whit this one. Sometimes it comes on very nicely and sometimes it looks like a have a orange stain on my face. It also isn’t very longlasting.


This product has been talked a lot on youtube. It’s the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB cream. I don’t hate this but becouse a have acne problems this doesn’t gives me enough coverage. I think it would work lovely on someone with little skin spots but for me it’s a little bit to light coverage.


Another product that has been talked about a lot is the Maybelline Baby Lips. I have it in the colour Pink Punch. I like the colour and the pigmentation but it does nothing to my lips. After wearing it for a while it dries my lips out and doesn’t moisturizes at all.


I will be also talking about a skincare product. It the Balea tonic water. I have very sensitive skin so that’s probably why I don’t like this. I does nothing to my skin except irratates my skin. It might work wonderful on someone else tho.


The last product is a primer. I think using a right primer is super important, becouse your foundation lasts longer and it applys more smoothly. I was not imprest with the Catrice Prime and Fine pore refining anti skine base primer. It has a texture of a moisturizer and my foundation comes on very wird. I don’t know why it didn’t work for me but i really don’t like it.


Hope you liked this, as I said it may work for you, it just didn’t work for me:)

Have a nice day, love elizabeth101beauty

7 thoughts on “Products that I regret buying!

  1. simplyfabsupermom says:

    Wow, I’ve actually never used any of these products, but for the creasing issue, well hydrated exfoliated skin is a must and I recommend getting a good primer/filler. I could use all drugstore make-up, but have to have a quality primer.

  2. Zlatka Kramaric says:

    This Essence bronzer didn’t work for me too. I don’t recommend it to anyone who have lighter skin (even though they say it’s for lighter skin), because it willl probably orange.

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