Swimsuits for any body type

Hello sweeties how are you all doing?

Trying on and buying swimsuits can be a struggle for many girls but I’m telling you; DON’T WORRY. You will find swimwear perfect for your body type. I will show you different styles of swimwear and you decide which do you like best.

Neon, bright colours like orange, pink, green and yellow bring out your tan and look very summer appropriate. Also white looks awesome on taned skin You may have heard about the Triangle swimwear who makes swimsuits in their tradicional way but they can be pretty expensive (around 100$). If you are on a low budget try Triangle look alikes,



And hey don’t you worry you wont look good in it. It’s not designed for any body type. there are plenty more swimsuit styles you can try.

For example if your stomach is your insecurity try wearing high waisted bottoms.

Lacking in the chest department; i got you girl no problem just wear ruffle bikiny tops or push up tops if you are comfortable with that. That will make the appearance of bigger bust.

Best-One-Piece-Swimsuits z_2675HWBK_ALTERNATEVIEW prenos

If you have large chest i suggest you try underwire top so it will hold your girls in place.

There’s also a swimsuit called tankini. It’s basically a swimsuit top and shirt in one. It’s helpful for girls with bigger tummy becouse it hides it.

and the last one is the no strap swimsuit, It’s perfect for taning becouse it leaves no tan lines.

Plus-size-tankini-style1-152x300 prenos (1) LASCANA-Blue-Ombre-Underwired-Bandeau-Bikini-180216FRSP

Wear what makes you comfortable don’t miss on summer just becouse you ‘re not someones ideal body shape, We are unique in our own fricking way so work it!

Good luck!

Love Elizabeth101beauty

4 thoughts on “Swimsuits for any body type

  1. Karen Rees says:

    What a fab post – that Triangl bikini is stunning, just wish I had the figure to pull it off!! *sigh* You’ve put me in the mood for a summer beach hol lol Xx

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