Try a new hobby: Horseback riding

Hello sweeties, how are you all doing.


I just stopped playing volleyball (like for ever and ever) becouse i hated the club. I trained it for 4 years and at this point I don’t really know what shall I do. I have to do something, you know? I can’t just sit around and sleep. While I’m thinking about a new hobby i will do, i thought I would intreduce you to I hobby I am doing now (once a week so I still need another hobby) so you maybe won’t have the same problem as me. Here is why you should start horseback riding:


  • It’s a sport (I will kick everyone who is saying that it isn’t, like try it, it’s hard). So if it’s a sport that means it’s healthy for you.
  • You are working with an alive animal, so you can conect with it.
  • You learn to multitask, becouse you have to think about your leg position, your atumblr_n766lc7YhS1rvvkn1o1_500rms, your posture.
  • It’s fun (for someones not at first but when you know how to believe me, it’s fun)
  • You can be outside more
  • It’s a great place to meet people (if you go horse riding with them)


  • It’s not an easy sport, I can be hard at first (your butt and legs will hurt like a bitch)
  • Horses are unpredictable (you must be cerful, they can kick and bite or kick you out of the sadlle)
  • It’s and expensive sport, becouse they have to take care of horses, feed them and pay for medical problems

When you know the basics of horse riding you can take exams where you show your knowledge and you can become also horseback riding instructor. There are also competitions like jumping and dressage.


Don’t be afraid it’s not as scary as it seems, It’s a lot of fun and if you decide to try it, have a blast with it.

Have an awesome day, kisses


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