Review: Kiko eyeshadows ♕

Hello sweeties how are you?

Last week I was in Italy and I came across a makeup store called
Kiko, makeup by Milano. I took a look around and the shop itself it’s beautiful. Products are in small, elegant black boxes, and you have a tester for every product (different colored eyeshadows, powder shades,…). Something that cought my eye was beautiful eyeshadows so I decided to buy two of them.I bought:

  • Kiko eyeshadow in the colour Sphere No. 03
  • Kiko eyeshadow in the colour Eye Shadow (very origional i know) No.129


Kiko eyeshadow No.03


Kiko eyeshadow No.129

The packaging

The packaging is beautiful. As I said, It comes in a small black box and when you open it there’s a eyeshadow in a black mat pot and the lid is made out of plastic. There’s name of the brand written on the lid. It opens up smoothly.

The colour

The first eyeshadow No.03 is a gorgeous shimmery golden shade. It has golden flakes in it. I just love golden eyeshadows so this is perfect for me. it looks beautiful on the lid and it’s also pretty pigmented. I’m really happy I picked this on up. LOVE IT!!





The second eyeshadow No.129 is also very shimmery, but it’s a more white, beige colour. This will be great for the ineer corner of the eye and for the brow bone. It’s not that pigmented as the No. 3 tho.

The price

The whole brand is really affortable, eyeshadows are around 4 euros, foundations are around 10 euros, the mascaras are about 10 The golden eyeshadow was around 2 euros (on sale 50 %) and the white was around 1 euro (on sale). I know bargain!! For the price of the shadows the quality is pretty good.

I’m interested in this brand becouse i really liked these products and I’m looking forward to trying other products from them. Hope you liked this review if you know this brand please let me know what do you think of it and which product should I try new.

Hope you’re having a lovely day,

Love, Elizabeth

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