The eyeliner battle: Loreal vs. Maybelline

Hello sweetie how are you?

So In the right corner welcome Maybelline Master Duo thin  or thick glossy liner. In the left corner, its competition Loreal Super Liner Extra Black Gloss. I have to say it will be a strong battle becouse they are coming from some of the best drugstore brands there is. ARE YOU READY PEOPLE!!? Fight!


The Maybelline Master Duo is designed to create thin and thick lines with a unique brush, which you can turn in different angles for a thiner or thicker line.

The Loreal Super Liner on the other hand has a simple thin brush, nothing exciting.

They are both liquid liners and they create a shinny black finish.


I feel like the formula is the same. It has an AMAZING staying on power, totally smudge proof, it comes of easily with just water piece by piece, but other than that it lasts all day.

The Loreal one is sooo easy to apply, it’s great for beginners. Becouse of the thin brush you can create a really thin, sharp defined line and of course also a thicker one.

But the maybelline one is suuuper hard to use becouse of the brush. The idea is great, but the brush is not practial. You can create a thick line easily (but who wants a huge thick line on their eyes) but it’s really hard to create a thin line becouse you have to turn around the brush in a weird way, so you can’t really do i winged liner (you can actually but it’s hard).

Who wins?

They both have an amazing staying on formula and they are all super black, but the winner is (drum roll in the backround) LOREAL SUPER LINER. It’s simply amazing, it’s very easy to use and you can create the most beautiful cateye with it. Maybelline is wonderful too, but the brush is very hard to use and it’s not a smooth line at the end.

Have you tried any of these eyeliners? If you did, how did you like them?

That’s all for today, see ya next time, love



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