Halloween Lips

Hello sweeeties how are you?

Halloween is not as far away as it seems and I’m so excited!! I love dressing up for halloween and watching tutorials on youtube, so I decided to show you a fun way to spice up your look. You can wear this lip combination on its own or include it in another look (for example witch, vampire, alien,…). Have fun with it and hope you like it!:)

1.step: moisturize your lips. This is very important expecially if you have very dry lips and the lipstick can look kinda raspy.The lipstick will glide on much smoother after you do it. I suggest Burt’s Bees Honey Lip Balm, it makes your lips smooth and soft.

2. step: line your lips with a purple lip pencil. You can choose any other shade if you want too. Just make sure the pencil is sharpened and that you take your time with it, this is kind of a guide like for the entire look. Of course feel free to overline them as much as you want if you prefer this look. You can also make a cupid bow or make your lips rounder by overlining the cupid bow.


3. step: apply your favourite dark red lipstick. I’m  using Catrice Ultimate colour in 340 Berry Bradshaw.It’s super pigmented and it glides on smoothly. Rub your lips together to blent the liner and the lipstick together.


4.step: in the outher lip areas appy black pencil and blent the lines with your finger when you are coming toward the middle part of the mouth.  This will create a gradient effect.  For this I used Bourjois Ultra Balck pencil

5.step: appy a nude or very light lipstick in the middle of the lips and blent all the colours together. You can also use a concealer for this parts if you don’t have a light lipstick. I used Essence Lipstick no.11 In Love

6.step: At last clean up the lip line with some concealer.


Have a wonderful day and if you have any suggestions which halloween look a should look next let me know.



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