Mermaid Halloween Makeup

Hello sweeties how are you?
I have a really fun and pretty makeup tutorial for you today. My beautiful model is my best friend Žicy and together we created mermaid look, perfect for halloween. Let’s get started!

I applied a very light foundation all over her face and neck, becouse mermaids usually have pretty pale face.

For the brows, I shaped them with a purple eye pencil, you can make any shape that suits you. I also cleaned out the edges with a light concealer.

Then I took a sticking tape and applied it from her lower lash line to the brow tail. This will create a beautiful sharp line, just make sure to stick it to your hand a cuple of times first, so you don’t pull the skin on the eye.

After I primed her eyes, I took a shimmery purple eyeshadow and blent it into the crease swepping it up  and out. Then I applied a shimmery pink eyeshadow and placed it all over the lid, under the purple that we just applied. To darken the crease up I took a dark blue eyeshadow and blend it in the outher third of the eye sweeping it in. To darken it up even more I appy a little bit of black just in the outher part of the eye. Lastly a applied the same purple eyeshadow on the lower lash line smoking it out and creating a line outwords towards the inner corner of the eye.


With the tape still on, a created a dramatic wing with a really dark liquid liner and applied several cots of mascara. If you have fake lashes, put them on, this will make the look even more dramatic.

To make the eyes more open I applied a shimmery white eyepencil on the waterline, browbone and in the ineer corners.

Now let’s move on to the face. I made scales with naylon socks, which have holes in it. I placed nylon on my cheekbone and my friends was holding it on her face. I was going over the sock with a dark blue eyeshadow and a big contouring brush. Make sure to spread the eyeshadow evenly on the cheeckbone. Basically I was contouring the face, but with scales. Do the same thing on the forehead. Lastly apply a pinky blush and intense highlighter. If you want, you can also contour the nose.


For the lips, I lined them with a purple plumb colour, applied dark red lipstick all over the lips, put black pencil in the outher corners of the lips and blend it in and applied light nude lipstick in the middle.


Products used:

  • Maybelline Affinitone foundation
  • Catrice prime and fine
  • Essence pocket beauty palette
  • Essence lip liner
  • Maybelline Instant anti age eraser
  • Estee Lauder Pure colour pallete
  • Catrice ultimate color lipstick no 340
  • Essence lipstick no 11
  • Maybelline Lash sensational mascara
  • L’oreal Super liner
  • Bourjois ultra black pencil
  • Beauty women blush set
  • Hoola bronzer
  • Catrice Made to stay highlighter pen

And that’s it! Hope you liked it we worked really hard on it and I think it turned out awesome. Special thanks to my gorgeous friend Žicy, you can check her instagram Here.


Thank you so much for reading, hope you are having a wonderful day, love


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