Autumn Drugstore Beauty Haul ❤

Hi sweeties how are you?

Last  week I went to my local drugstore and I bought quite a few bits I would like to share with you. Also can we just talk about the facts, that we are in the middle of october??!! Where did time go, I have a feeling summer was a week ago. Also I’m super excided about halloween, I will post a few things abouit that also. What will you be for halloween this year? Tell me in the comments:)

First things firIMG_7863[1]st, I bought a lipstic from Alverde in the colour Dominant Pink. Alverde sells natural cosmetics, so that’s great. It’s in a really bright pink colour and it’s not completely matte. It feels really dry on my lips  and it’s not easy to apply (it’s not creamy) on its own, but if you put a moisturizing lip balm underneath it, it looks okey. It was cheap, so I wasn’t really expecting much of it. The only reason that I bought it really is the packaging really hehe, it’s fricking cute!

The next thing is IMG_7824[1]a foundation: Bourjois Air Mat foundation. It’s in the colour 02 Vannila and it’s yellow tonned, which I love becouse I have a yellow undertone and it’s really hard to find a yellow based foundation in the drugstore. The foundation itself is pretty nice, it provides medium/ buildable coverage, looks natural and lasts a pretty long time. I haven’t wore it much so I can’t fully try it out  yet, but if you want I can do a review on it.

I have another produIMG_7851[1]ct from Bourjois: Rouge Edition 12 Hours lipstick in the shade 31 Beige shooting. This is my fovourite lipstick right now, it’s a beautiful colour (pinky nude), it applies smoothly and lasts a really long time, which is not common for a drugstore lipstick. Love, love, love!!

I also bought a blush: IMG_7832[1]Deborah Blush in the colour 58 Paprika.  Firts of all, I love the packaging, it looks fancy and simple. It’s a redish-orange blush, perfect for autumn, it also has shimmer in it, but it doesn’t show when you apply it. I do have to say it’s pretty pigmented, so you have to be careful when you are putting it on.

Then there’s a nail poIMG_7838[1]lish from Essie in the shade 40. I heard many amazing things about this brand, so I decided to try it out. And let me tell you, it’s as amazing as a expected. I suck, no really SUCK at painting my nails, but this makes it so easy. The brush is wide enough to you can cover the nail in the single swipe. And don’t even get me started about lasting power: INCREDIBLE. The colour is also perfec for everyday, a really pretty pinky-nude. The only downside of this is, that it is expensive, arund 10 euros;(

I really wanted to try a mineral foundation , so I bought the Artdeco Hydra Mineral Compact Foundation. First of all, I absolutely love the packanging. It’s sleek and look’s expensive (which it quite was; about 20 euros). It comes with a mirror and a sponge. I don’t know how I feelabout it. I think mineral powder can’t be full coverage (if you do know any let me know) and I have a really problematic acne pron e skin so this doesn’t do much for me. I think if you have nice, clear skin this can be perfect for you becouse the texture is quitoe nice and it looks very natural, but for me this just isn’t working. But if I use it over my foundation, it’s a bit much.


The last thing is a face cream from Annemarie Borlind: Purifying Care it says it  repairs anIMG_7849[1]d clears out your skin and it’s perfect for oily, skin with blemishes. It has a weird smell to it, becouse it’s all natural, but i feel that most of natural creams have it. I really like the texture of it, it glides on smoothly. There’s not much more I have to say about it becouse I’m not using it for that long. We’ll see!

Anyways, hope you liked this haul, there are some great products in it I feel. Thank you so much for reading, have a lovely day, love


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