Tips for beautiful and long hair

Hello sweeties how are you?

I found some really awesome tips for hair to make it longer and healthy, so hope you like it!

Tip #1:

Don’t style your hair with hot syling tools or try not using it regulary. I’m talking about straighteners, curling irons and hair dryers. Those will make your hair dull, it will lose volume, cause split ends etc. There are many ways to style your hair without heat.

  • if you want to have straight hair, try washing it with cold water. There are also special straightning shampoos and gels made for staightening  hair. There’s also a trick where you sleek your hair down as smooth as possible and pin it with a bobby pins every 2-3 cm and they you sleep on it, the next day you then wake up with straight hair.
  • For nice looking curly hair try using rollers. You simply do your hair in the evening and go to sleep with it, the next morning you will have beautiful curls.
  • As for drying your hair, just let it be. After you take a shower let the hair air dry. I know this can be a problem in the winter so be careful to stay in a warm room while you are waiting it to dry.


Tip #2

Hot showers are not really good for your hair, they actually tend to fall out more by hot water. Use cold water, not only your hair will not fall out as much as before, it will be more shinny and light. I, personally am not a fan of cold showers, so what I do is, I lean my head forward and rinse my hair.


Tip #3

After you come out of the shower don’t rub your hair with a towel, again, more hair falling out. When the hair is wet it falls out a lot more than when it’s dry. Lightly tap it instead. Also try not brushing it too much for the same reason as before. And if you do, use brushes for wet hair, which have really soft, sparse bristels.

Tip #4

Hair elastics that are very tight, are not really good for the hair. Try using scrunchy from soft fabric.


Tip #5

Silk pillowcases are much better for your hair and your hair tend to fall out less.


Tip #6

Take care of your hair any time of the year. In the summer the sun and salt water dry out your hair and it loses its shine. Protect it! Also appy an egg mask to make it back to life. In the winter wear a hat becouse the wind and cold can also dull out your hair.


Tip #7

As you may all know colouring it isn’t really heathy. If you do decide to dye it, do your resourche. Find a good hairdresser, please don’t do it yourself for the first time if you are taking a drastic change. Peroxide, which is makin hair really light, can couse hair falling of and you also damage it, so be careful with that.


Tip #8

Key for longer hair is actually cutting it. If you cut your hair regulary (split ends), your ends will always look healthy. But if you leave it for a long time, you will have to cut more, becouse split ends will be longer.

I hope this was helpful, if you have any other suggestions leave them below, hope you are having a wonderful day, love


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