Review: Bourjois Air Mat foundation

hello sweeties how are you?:)

Today I decided to review the new Bourjois Air Mat foundation. When I tried it  in the store, I was really impressed, it felt really smooth, so I bought it. On the packanging it says it’s as light as air, the formula glides onto the skin for perfect coverage & flawless complexion. Enriched with mattifying micronized powders, it eliminates shine with no mask effect. Is that true?? we shall se.

The packaging is quite nice. It’s natural skin coloured and small, so it’s perfect for traveling. It doesn’t come in a glass container like most foundation but in a tube like  creams have. It doesn’t have a pump, but you don’r really need it becouse the foundation comes out easily. It contains 30 mL like most foundations do (it seems less)

It’s in a shade 02 Vannila. What I first liked about this was the color actually. For me it’s really hard to find a match becouse I have a fair yellow skin tone and most drugstore foundations are pink tonned. Bourjois is known for having yellow based foundations. It comes in 5 shades and I think that only the lightest (Rose Ivory) is pink tonned.

My only problem is that it can look a bit orange under a bright light.


It has a not really pleasent smell but it doesn’t bother me. The texture is quite watery.The coverage is medium/buildable. It doesn’t cover all of my imperfection, but it does cover all my redness.  It applies smoothly and looks naural but defenetly not skin like. It has SPF 10

As for lasting power, it’s not 24H like it says on the packaging. It looks good for about 6-7H without touchups which is quite nice. I tried it with the Max Factor primer and it actually looks beter without it. The foundation is mat, but it doesn’t look flat (hehe it rimes). It doesn’t clinge on any dry areas on the face and the skin looks very healthy. I did have to set it with a setting powder.

It’s about 12 euros which is okey, i guess.


Final thoughts:

Like other Bourjois foundations this one also didn’t dissapoint me. It’s very natural, provides pretty good coverage and the lasting power is quite nice. I do have to say, I think it’s better than the Healthy Mix one, just better coverage a lasting power.

Hope you liked this review if you tried it out or have any other recomendations, let me know! love


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