Products I regret buying #2

Hello sweeties how are you?

A year ago or so I made  a post writing about products that weren’t worth my money and I personally love this kind of posts, so I decided to do another one. I have to say tho, this products have not worked on me but this doesn’t mean they won’t work on you.

This products weren’t really expencive, but still, it’s money. I’m a teenager so I don’t have a lot of money to spend. Let’s start!

L’oreal True Match foundation

I know this is a suprise to some of you, becouse this foundations is highly appriciated on the internet, but it’s not my favourite. Mostly becouse of the shade. I have a really fair skin complection and all of their light shades are pinked tonned. I have a yellow undertone, but in general I think that nobody looks good with a really pink foundation. The coverage is medium, dewy finish, lasts a pretty long time, but it’s nothing mind blowing, if you know what I mean.


Beauty women eyeshadows

This set of three eyeshadows was soooo cheap, it would be a miracle if it would be good. But hey, I believe in miracles, it didn’t happen with this tho. I don’t even know why I picked this colours (black, grey and white) becouse I don’t like them at all and I don’t use them ever. Thi pigmentation is awful, it’s almost not there so I don’t even won’t to lose words over this.


Alverde lipstich in color Dominant pink

I talked about this product in one of my beauty hauls and I wasn’t impressed then, and I’m not now. The colour itself is really pretty, a dark pinky red, but the lipstick is so hard to work with. It’s very hard and it doesn’t melt on the lips at all. You have to drag the product on your lips and it leaves them dry and uneven. The packaging is cute, so I’m comforing myself with that.


Manhattan Trio effect blush

This set comes with a bronzer, highlighter and a blush. I only use the blush, it’s in  a really barbie pink colour. The bronzer is too orange and comes on blotchy and the highlighter hardly shows on the skin. It’s way to light and doesn’t have a lot of shimmer to it, so it looks like you put a white eyeshadow on your face. Not a great look!


Catrice waterproof gel eyeliner

I had high hopes for this eyeliner. It’s really easy to put on, I do it with a angled brush and a really dark colour, which is nice. The problem is the lasting power. It doesn’t stay on at all, It smudges really easily, but it is very hard to take off (becouse it’s waterproof). Whenever I’m doing a winged eyeliner the wing smudges.


Essence all about chocolate eyeshadow palette

This palette has 6 eyeshadow and useful are only 2. The other 4 for me are just useless. They are all shimmery browns and three of them are gray bassed, which I’m not a fan of. The pigmentation is not great at all, but the staying power is quite great, I have to say. I only reach for two whites, shimmery and matte ones, whey are great for ineer corner highlight and browbone.


Green Line Corrector

It’s a corrector in a stick form and I don’t really know where to use it. Hard concealers like this should NEVER be applied uder the eyes becouse it creases and shows your dark circles even more. It done’t blent onto the skin at all becouse it’s now creamy and I also tried it on my blemishes and the coverage is’t great. The colour is way to pinky and super white.


Max Factor Skin Luminizer

I have to admit, I buy way to many foundations. But I’m just so desperate to cover my acne to perfection, that I keep trying new ones. Like the True Match one, this one is also way to pink. With this I aalso bought the primer and they work like a dream together. But I can’t wear a foundatons no matter what, if I look like a pig wearing it. Also the lasting power isn’t impressive and It’s a pretty thich one so it can get cakey.


This are all teh products that I collected throughout the year and you don’t have to tell me, I already know I made some stupid decisions. But that’s how it is with makeup, not everything that you buy will be amazing,as long as you’re trying.

I hope this was somewhat informative and if you tried any of these product, let me know your thoughts bellow. Sending you all my love,


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