Ecotools Six Piece Starter Brush Set

Hello sweeties how are you?

The other day I was in my local drugstore and almost had a HEART ATTACK becouse I say ecotools brushes on the shelf. Now let me explain; I live in a really small country, like REALLY small, I’m talking no mac no sephora small. And while other countries have all this amazing products, we still have the collections of last winter. Now that you understand my struggles, you get that I was pretty stocked when I saw this brushes. Of course I bought them and I will do a little review on them, so you will see what they’re all about.



All ecotools brushes are known for being cruelty- free, from recycled materials (handels are made out of bamboo, aluminum furrels). And I’m all about that organic life!!

The set includes:

  • a concealer brush
  • blush brush
  • eye shading brush
  • angled eyeliner brush
  • lash & brow groomer


The handles are as I said made out of recycled bamboo and I really like them. They are super slick and they also have the purpose of the brush written on them. The aluminus also looks really nice at the end.

1.The concealer brush has really flat sturdy bristles. It blends the concealer in nicely, it doesn’t leave any brush strokes.

2.The blush brush has reaaaally soft bristles, so it feels really soft on the face. As for the application, I have no complains.

3.Eye shading brush looks similar to the concealer brush, but it has softer bristles. I think this a brush for eyeshadow all over the lid and for ineer corners and brow bone. I tried it on the lids and it applied evenly and smoothly.

4.Angled eyeliner brush; first of all, where is the angle?? on the packaging it says angles but on the brush handle it says flat so I will go with that. I tried using it with a gel eyeliner it would be a lot easier if the brush was angles. You can’t really make a thin line or a sharp wing so I think I will use this for applying eyeshadow under the lashline. Yoz could also use this for cleaning up with a concealer under the brows.

5.Lash & brow groomer is in my opinion pointless to be there becouse i have a spoolie at the end of my eyebrow pencil nad I don’t really need this.  Bristles are also not the same as on the other brushes, they feel cheaper. But again this could be useful for someone.

This brushes come in a dual-pocket cosmetic bag, which is really handy becouse you can put all of the brushes in one pocket and other makeup in the other.

price: 18,99 euros, it’s really affortable and you save a lot of money buying the whole set than just brushes one by one.

Final thoughts?

I really like the fact that this brushes are made out of natural recycled products. Also they’re really good quality, the bristles are super soft and gentle. My only complain is the brush choise; I wish there were more face brushes in the set and don’t find myself using the groomer and the eyeliner brush at all. Just having this brushes in your makeup bag just isn’t enough.

Hope you liked this, let me know your thoughts bellow, sending you al my love, kisses


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