Catrice Nude Illusion foundation

Hello sweeties how are you??

For a while I was looking for a new foundation, and somewhere I found that Catrice has an amazing one. That was a shock!! I know I’m being rude to the low cost brands, don’t get me wrong some stuff is amazing, but a foundation?? That one day I swore to myself that I will never buy a foundation under 10 euros. And here I am reviewing a foundation for 7 euros. Thanks Catrice for breaking my beliefs!! I bought it and wore it for a whole month and now I will review it for you. Lets get started!!


Firstly, the packaging, gorgeous!! It doesn’t look like a low cost foundation at all. It’s made out of glass and looks extremely fancy. The writting on it is black and so is the pump (thank god for a pump) . Also you get 30 mL of product, you know standard. Catrice you get five stars from me here!!

I got it in the colour 010 Nude Ivory and I believe this is the second lightest shade from the collection. Another great news for me, it’s not pink tonned at all. I think pink tonned foundations should be banned, nobody looks good with a pink foundation in my opinion. I love the colour, it’s not orange, it’s a really silky beige and looks really natural.

The consistency is quite liquidly and it gives medium coverage. It defenetly doesn’t cover all my imperfections but it does even out my skin tone nicely. It can be buildable, but I would rather suggest putting on a full coverage concealer.

Beautiful for everyday use, looks really natural and is very moisturazing. The finish is not completely matte, it’s something inbetween matte and dewy, more like a silky finish. You do have to set it with some type of setting powder, so it doesn’t slipe and slide on the face and if you have oily skin, you do have to mattify with powder also becouse the foundation itself isn’t completely matte. I really love the finish!!

On the packaging it says that it is long lasting, but it isn’t without a good primer it doesn’t lasts long and starts creasing. But with a correct primer it lasts for about 10 hours.


The price is about 7 euros, again very affortable.

Overall I think this is a awesome foundation great for every day. If you looking for a full coverage this isn’t it, but it covers up a lot. Even though it supposed to be a matte foundation, it still gives a nice glow to the face and feels really moisturizing on the skin. Not really long lasting, you have to also set it with powder.


Flag_of_Taliban_(original).svg     packaging

66    coverage

56     lasting power

Flag_of_Taliban_(original).svg     colour

Flag_of_Ta      consistency

Anyways I hope this was helpful, I really like this foundation, although is not really talked about and expensive, is still a great found. Have an amazing holiday and a happy new year you all!!

Sending you all my love,


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