My skincare: Acne prone skin

Hello sweeties how are?

Today I will show you how a try to handle my skin under control. I have pretty bad hormonal acne all over my face but worst is on the side of my cheeks. No need to me to say I’m not a fan. Acne can be hard, but if I wouldn’t do this steps that I will tell you about now, it would be a lot worse. I have combinated skin (oily on the T zone). In the summer I get oily all over my face, but winter my skin calms down and I don’t really get oily.

I do have to say, using proper face products is important, but healthy diet has a lot to do with it also. I make sure to drink a lot of water as well as trying to avoid sweets and chocolate. I can do an entire different post about this topic, there are also other things that helps.

There are always three steps in my regime:

  • cleansing
  • using a toner
  • moisturizing

IMG_9287[2]    IMG_9273[1]


I always start with clean hands!!

  1. Cleansing

I use the Garnier Anti acne wash gel. I don’t know if this is the correct name becouse it’s written in german and I don’t know a word. It’s really gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin, it even smells nice. I make sure to rub it gently in circual motions until it transforms into a thick foamy cream, then I rinse it of with a lot of warm water and pat it (gently) with a clean towel. This gets rid most of my face makeup as well as cleans off and dirt on my face.

2. Using a toner

For that a use the Afrodita Young and pure deep hydrating toner. It’s is important that I use a really gentle one that doesn’t have a really harsh smell, becouse that can irritate my skin. This makes sure that all of my makeup is off (it’s really important that there’s no face makeup on the face while I sleep), cleans up everything that cleanser didn’t a calms down my skin.


The products I use is called Annemarie Borlind Purifying Care facial cream. Many people think that becouse you habe oily skin it’s not good to use a moisturizer. But you really should, becouse then your skin produce even more oil. Now, in the winter time especialy, moisturizing is key.

In between some steps I will sometimes use a face mask of some sorts, but I never use a face scrub, becouse it irritates my skin a lot.  Also on the bigger acne spots I sometimes use a drying cream.

I use all of this steps 2 times a day; in the morning before I put on my foundation and in the evening before I go to bed. Good skin will prevent some breakouts but if you have hormonal acne, it won’t get rid of it. There are ways to do it, so if you are fighting the same battle as me, don’t give up!

And remember acne DO NOT DEFINE YOU! Spots on your face don’t ruin your beauty:)

Sending you all my love,


10 thoughts on “My skincare: Acne prone skin

  1. startwithstyle says:

    My skin is as yours, so if you want, go and check my daily routine of cleansing my face. And I agree about clean hands, it all starts becauose of the dirty hands and of course food, if you have acne on your cheeks that is an alarm that you have to change food! Kisses!

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