Bell HYPOAllergenic Lip liner

Hello sweeties how are you?

There’s a new makeup brand, that I never heard about before, at my drugstore. It’s called Bell   and they sell Hypoallergenic makeup, which means it’s perfect for sensitive skin aswell as skin prone to irritations. It doesn’t contain any fragrance, dyes, alcohols, parabens, oils, mercury and mercury containing products, and talc. It’s made out of natural and organic products. This was really interesting to me, so I decided to purchase one of their lip liners. They sell really affortable items and they seem pretty interesting.



The lip liner is in the colour 01. There’s only a number written on the top of the packaging, no name. The colour is trully stuning. It’s a really pretty peachy pink and I think I could wear this color with a lot of my lipsticks (nude, pink, peachy). The colour itself is really pigmented.

Firstly, let me talk about packaging; It comes in a stick form, so you roll the product out. I personally like this form of a lip liner, becouse I don’t have to sharpen it. The liner looks really simple, It’s all black, just the end of the liner reveals the colour of the products. I have to say, it looks really elegant. Now let me get to the part I HATE about the packaging. It’s made really cheaply; the stick is really wiggle and when you try to get the product out, it just doesn’t want to. You have to turn the stick upside down so the product comes out. Not a fan of that!!

Also the formula is really creamy so it breaks quite easily, you have to be careful. But becouse it’s so creamy, it applies like a dream. It’s not dry and crusty feeling at all so it applies like a dream and looks really beautiful. You can easily draw on a smooth line and looks somewhat naural becouse the colour is similar to my natural lip shade.

It also wears beautifully, it lasts a pretty long time and keeps the lipstick from bleading.

Let’s see:

packaging   :   56

colour                Flag_of_Taliban_(original).svg

formula            Flag_of_Ta

lasting power   Flag_of_Ta

Overall I really like this. It’s really affortable, I’m in love with the colour and the formula is really smooth and creamy. It wears really wear, the only downside is the packaging, I’m really not a fan of it. Fix that Bell and we’re good;)

I’m really excited to try more of their products becouse so far I’m loving it (I also did a review on their concealer click HERE). This brand is not really talked about so it’s really good to have some new reviews. Sending you aaaaallllll my love,


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