Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting Concealer

Hello sweeties how are you?

So here’s a quick review on the Bourjois concealer. This is the same  line  as the healthy mix foundation, which I really enjoyed so when I saw this, I wanted to try it out.

I bought it in the colour 51 light radience and as most of the boujois face products are, it is yellow tonned. I really like that becouse hello I have yellow tonned skin.

It smells really nice, it’s a raspberry scent. It says that it gives radience to the skin while moisturizing. Also oil free. We shall see!!

It comes in a tube with a tilted applicator, so you squiz the product out. You can’t really apply the concealer straight to the skin, becouse the application is not even and the concealer lays out too much product.


I have to be honest, when I first tried it, I hated it! It welt really heavy, thick and drying. But then I tried it again and I kind of learned how to use it. I like it on blemishes a lot more than under the eyes, just becouse the consistency is really thick and this also dries really quickly so you have to be quick with it. If you are using it under the eyes, work on on eye at once and blend it right away, becouse if you wait to long, the product becomes hard to work with becouse of its fast drying. The coverage is really good but it does crease if you don’t set it with powder right away. I would suggest using a beauty blender/ sponge to really work the product in. And this really ads bright under your eye area.


But as I said, I really like it on my blemishes, as a spot corrector. This covers everything and stays in the skin without looking patchy. It’s creamy and full coverage so it gets rid of any redness.


colour                 Flag_of_Taliban_(original).svg

lasting power   Flag_of_Ta

coverage              Flag_of_Ta

consistency         66

natural looking    66

I really grow to love this concealer and I have been using it a lot lately, especially on my acne, so I would recomend it. Hope you liked this review if you have any suggestions or opinions, feel free to leave them bellow. Sending you all my love


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