How to start working out

Hello sweeties how are you?

I know my blog is mainly about beauty, but I recently started a fitness journey and I want to keep myself motivated and also maybe help others to start. Starting is the hardest. It took me a while. I hated working out, I hated sweating, I didn’t know what to do, how to do it, where to start. But once you get the hang of it, it just flows. I’m not an expert at all, I’m just sharing my own experiences.

  1. step:set a goal

What do you want to achieve by working out? Are you planing on losing weight or just toning up? Once you have a goal in front of you, you can move on to the next step. Remember, resoults don’t come overnight and you have to prepare yourself to work hard. Ads that are telling you; lose weight fast and easy usually don’t work.


2. step: make a routine

Depending on what you are working on, design a weekly schedule. At the begining do whole body exercises and then focus on just one body part at the time. For example if you want to lose weight do 3 days of cardio and 3 days of muscle tonning a week. And if you want to tone up, do less cardio and more muscle tonning exercises. This is just an example, make your own routine. See what you want to improve (for example you want to get abs, so do 3 days a week abs exercises). Write your routine on a calendar and cross the days you worked out, so you feel motivated to fill in as much calendar in as possible.


3. start exercising

Personally, videos on online hepled me a lot. I learned about targeting different muscle parts and how to train properly. The key to not hurting yourself is to train correctly. Once you learn to do the exercise correctly, you can move on to adding weight or making an exercise harder. Also there are many free training videos on youtube, that show you how to do an exercise as well as encourage you to finish the exercise. The best thing to do (if you can affort it) is to hire a personal trainer, but this is really expensive.

Also for me music really helps. Create a fitness playlist with energetic pump up songs to help you stay motivated.


4. don’t give up

As I said, starting is the hardest. When I started doing the exercises, I felt like I’m doing nothing and I didn’t really push myself to my abilities. Start with doing just 10-15 min a day and then slowly make your routine longer. Believe me you will feel amazing after it.


5. start enjoying the journey

Once you have your routine planned out and you are doing it for a while, it’s starts to get exciting. You see your body getting stronger and you see the changes in your  body. While working out you release hormons called endorphins, which make you happy. Start making chalanges to your body and you will start seeing the change. Just don’t expect fast resoults, they will come over time.

images (1)

6. treat yourself

Don’t forget your body needs rest and a reward. Leave one day a week as your rest day and allow a cheat meal once in a while. You deserve it!


But don’t do it becouse of others, do it becouse you want to become heathier, strong,  better!!

Of course we could go into much more details, but as I said I’m not an expert and also food is important as well, but I don’t know anything about that. Do your resourche and start right away. Summer is in 4 months, i know, but don’t do it just becouse of the summer, do it to change your lifestyle and live a happy, healthy life. I really hope this motivated you to start, sending you all my love



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