Spring Glam Makeup

Hello sweeties how are you?

Spring is oficially here and I had some fun with my makeup. At first I wanted to create a really natural, glowy look, but of course I got carried away and I end up adding false lashes and all. I really like the way it turned out so here it is:



I started with adding 3 warm shades to the crease. Really simple, to deepen the crease, use first a lighter brown as a transition colour (it’s easier to blend all the colours together later), then go in with a slighty darker one and focus it on the outher V blending it into the crease. To deepen all up, place a dark brown only in the outher V. Then taking a fluffy blending brush I mashes all the colours together.

On the entire lid I applied a white shadow, so the blue will show up better. I followed up with a light blue.

Also a trick to open up the eyes and also lift up the eye, is to apply a white shadow in the ineercorners and on the browbone.

The rest is pretty selfexplainatory; aplly falsies if you want and some mascara afterwords to blend the real and the fake lashes together and I also took a black liner and conected the ineercorner of the eye with the begining of the lashes

I really hope you liked this, if you have any more requests or opinions, please feel free to leave them bellow. Sending you all my love,


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