My current foundation routine

Hello sweeties how are you?

For a past week or so I did my foundation routine differently and anytime I came home from a dreadful day in school and checked my makeup in the mirrow I was like daaaamn it looks good so I wanted to share the things that I do with you. Let’s start.

A good foundation routine starts suum skincare. I ALWAYS start with a clean face, or the pores are clogged and the dirt is stucked under a pile of makeup. I recently did a skincare post, you can check it HERE. I have really bad acne all over my face, mostly on my Tzone and acne scarring on the sides of the cheeks, so my routine is adjusted to that.

After I let my moisturizer to dry (moisturizing is key for not having dry patches and flakey skin) I apply a thin layer of Nivea Men After Shave Balm, yup you heard me. I did a whole post on it HERE. Basically this makes my foundation to stick on my skin so you really have to rub it in until it becomes sticky as hell.


Now that the base is done, it’s time for liquid foundation. I actually mix two together, becouse the colour of the two together matches me better and I feel it gives me a nicer, silky finish. I mix the L’oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Foundation with the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. The L’oreal one is a bit to pink shaded for me, becouse my skin tone is yellow, but it provides great coverage, but I feel that on its on it can look quite heavy. It’s perfect with the bourjois foundation, becouse this is a lot more natural and the shades is beautiful, perfect for my skin, although it’s a really light coverage on its own. I pump 1 pump of each on the back of my palm and mix it together with my finger. Then I take a flat foundation brush from Alicia de Silva no. 21 , this brush is my favourite, it really keeps a full coverage and I stipple it on first on my problem areas (cheeks and chin) and then everywhere else. I need coverage probably everywhere so tapping the foundation in insted of sweping it around really makes a lot better camuflage.


The foundation can leave streaks on your face, so I take a more dense brush from Ebelin and tap the rest in for smooth looking face. Over everything that foundation didn’t cover I go in with a Boujois Healthy Mix concealer which covers most of them up. I don’t even try covering absolutely every blemish becouse there are just to many and I just want to even out my foundation and get rid of redness. For my undereyes I use the Bell HYPOAllergenic Concealer and a beauty sponge, the concealer is a shade or two lighter than my foundation, so the whole area is brighter. I have to set my concealer right away or it creases. I use the Rimmel stay matt Pressed powder and my Body&Soul brush, again tapping it on and also everywhere around my face to control my oils.







The foundation takes the life out of my face so I use the Benefit Hoola Bronzer to warm up the face. I don’t really contour, everything is softly blended on my cheekbones and around my face as I have been at the beach and not shuffling snow all morning. I’m not suck a blush person becouse I have acne on that area, but lately I have been really loving the essence silky touch blush in summer dreaming that ads a settle peachy colour to my face and looks really natural. I make sure I blent it in my bronzer. Lastly I add just a bit of glow with the essence soo glow! cream to powder highlighter on the tops of my cheekbones.
IMG_0273[1].jpg  IMG_0280[1]

To lock everything in place I spray some Alverde Setting Spray and this also takes the excess powder of my face.


And that’s all. Sure I with i had perfect skin so I wouldn’t have to put all that stuff on but I have to work with what I have. Sending you all my love



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