3 weeks without makeup!!

Hi sweeties how are you?

I spend a week in Montenegro and there my dad took me to a dermotologist to check my acne. My acne have been getting worse and worse and I was (and still am) sick of it. I have had ย acne for the past 4-5 years, it started just on my forehead and chin but for the past 2 years my main problem areas have been my cheeks. One day acne just started spreding and speding on these area and it looks horrible. It’s also painful and makes my contour look blotchy. So you could say I have acne all over my face even down my neck.

The dermotologist there said a have a serious infection which can leave me acne scars hard to remove so she gave me a natural tonic made out of herbs to put on my face 3 times a day and I can only use that and face soap for the next three weeks until I come again and they will do a treatment on me.

It looks a lot worse in person…



There is a problem: I can’t wear face makeup and this is a big issue for me. I lose confidence the minute I wash of my foundation. In all three years of my high school I only wore a bare face once ONCE!! It’s sad in a way that I let my inperfections infect me so much. I am wiling to try this treatment and avoid face makeup all together becouse I’m just sick of acne but I have to admit, it will be hard. I start school on monday again and first days will be hard becouse I’m not used to walk around like this. And I think my night life will suffer as well becouse I don’t think I will have the courage to go to any parties without foundation (again how sad is that????)

But on the other hand, more time in the morning to sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰ I will check on you after this loooong three weeks to see if anything has change. Also I will try to change my diet a bit, avoid any sweets, dairy and fast food as well as eating more fruits and vegetables. I will also try to drink more water.

That’s it, let’s hope this ends well, sending you all my love

Elizabeth Noel

Check my instagram for pics from the trip:elizabethnoel_makeup

10 thoughts on “3 weeks without makeup!!

  1. allofmebeauty says:

    I can so relate to this as I haven’t wore makeup- like full on for a month as my concealer had been breaking me out.. and it seriously frustrated me.. I only apply mascara from time to time if that.. but apart from simple cream nothing else touches my skin haha
    great post x enjoyed reading it xx
    sareena x

      • allofmebeauty says:

        very much
        because of the lack of all the rubbish in the makeup on my skin and because everything was natural and I’m drinking allot of water.. all spots have gone and my skin looks so much more healthier and dewy.. the tip is when you get spots/ blemishes instead of applying even more product to absorb into them you stop the makeup for a while.. but with me when one spot would go and id apply that concealer again id get another one hence I cut it out completely xx

  2. Hannah Murphy says:

    You are beautiful with and without your foundation and I hope you can realise by the end of this that you are and I hope you gain some confidence. You have probably tried it but E45 is a great cream for it , and bio oil is great for acne. Hope this helped<3

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