1 month Acne update

hello sweeties how are you?

Today I’m doing my 1 month update since I started my journey to fight acne naturally. I know I said 3 weeks but my flight was posponed so It’s practically a month. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about read all about the start  here

Basically I stopped wearing face makeup, cut dairy and any other unhealthy food out of my diet and put a natural herb tonic on my face everyday. I actually thought it would be harder than it was. I’m really proud of myself for sticking to it since I have never stuck to anything I said. The makeup part was the hardest for me at the begining just becouse I was wearing foundation all the time before and felt really insecure without it. I felt weird first time going to school bare faced but I quickly stopped thinking about. People couldn’t give two shits about my acne and I knew that. It felt great not needing to wake up so early to do my makeup, having to stress if anything looks ok during the day and trying to take it all off in the evening. Of course I miss putting my whole face on, makeup is my addiction, but taking a break from it feels amazing. I actually now can’t believe I applied foundation over this irratated areas every day. Some days I didn’t mind being without it and some I felt really insecure but it had to be done.

About my diet; as a said no dairy and unhealthy food and I feel this was the hardest part just becouse of all the temptations. My friends weren’t supportive, always going to mcdonalds when I’m around, waving with sweets in front of my face, how is it possible that they have never had this much fast food before. Like, are you kidding me?? I can’t say I haven’t eaten at least a piece of candy or a cake the whole month but I have to say I have been really good. My mom was kind enough to cook me dairy free or vegan meals everyday. I always hated vegetables but since the diet started I have been trying some new things and really liking it.  I also replaces regular milk with rice one and I fricking love it, butter with margerine and regular yoghurt with soy one (tasted better than regular to me). I have also been making smoothies out of fruit (a recipe on my instagram). I also drinked a lot more water than usual.

I also started going to fitness and it feels amazing. I feel so great after a workout and I’m looking forward to seeing progress in my strenght and body.

A lot of work, I know, but has it payed off?

Day 1:


Day 30:


The quality of this photos is pretty bad, but I can’t really see a huge change. At first my skin got a lot better but becouse of my hormones the states of my skin changes from day to day. My skin is defenetly dry becouse I’m not  allowed any mointurizers becouse the point is to dry out my acne. I have a lot of acne scars which I will have to take care of after I get rid of all of the breakouts. I didn’t photographed it but my forehead has cleared out a lot, which is great. I get that changes are slow when it comes to acne but I have tried so hard this month and  nothing has changed..YET!! I have to be paciente, I know. I will update you after I come from teh treatment how my skin is feeling.

Sending you all my love,


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