♡ Sweater weather ♡

Hi my sweeties!!

Autumn is here and there comes the sweater weather. It’s simply the time for lots of warm, soft sweaters of any kind. I have to say becouse of that autumn is my favourite time of the year (and winter also).
But although it’s chilly outside, it doesn’t means you can’t be stylish. In this post I will show you to syle a sweater. Ready?


A sweater can look cute with anything; jeans, leggings, skirts, trousers.
Here are some ideas:

PicMonkey Collage

I think a cute way to make sweater more interesting is to add a shirt.It keeps you warm and it looks super cute. Just choose the right colours and don’t put the same colours together (unless you like the look, then it’s ok ).

prenos (5)

Try adding a scarf, that makes a wonderful outfit. With jeans or black skinny jeans with boots; perfection

images (2)

Or try out jewelry. Chunky neckleses and long ones are super in right now.

prenos (6)

Hope you like this and if you have and questions or suggestions share it!

Have a nice day,
lots of kisses xoxo

22 thoughts on “♡ Sweater weather ♡

  1. natella111 says:

    I love fall, it’s my favorite season! And I enjoyed the fashion advice and the pictures your provided! Really great ways to style a sweater!
    One thing – If you could make pictures a bit bigger, so we could see all the details, that would be awesome! I know we can open them in a new tab, but that takes me away from the beautifully-written and interesting text! 🙂

  2. megangilley says:

    I love sweater weather! If only I didn’t need such access to the girls for my little one to feed. For now I’m stuck with button ups and vests. Maybe next year I can try out your fabulous ideas! 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

  3. fionasbubble says:

    I actually adore your theme! It’s too cute!
    Sweaters are one thing that I’m in such short supply of this year- I know where I’ll be splurging my next student loan

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