My perfect imperfections

For todays post I decided to do something different; I will be talking about a topic that I think is very important.

Self love is something that we struggle with most of us. We worry about our body being to fat, to thin, to curvy, felling just ugly, not perfect. But human body is designed to be imperfect. How would you feel if everybody would looked exacly the same?? Every one of us is perfect in its own way. And who has the rights to say what’s perfect?? What is perfect?? Nobody and everybody. Yep, you can be perfect, just in eyes of the right person. Our imperfections makes us perfectly unique.

We worry about somethings sooo stupid. Let me share my perfect imperfections with you:

  • Strech marks: I have it on my tights and it’s completely normal!! It’s a sign your skin is streching and your body is developing. Am I proud of them? Hell yea! It’s a sign I’m becoming a woman, my hips are geting wider, my exercise is paying of, becouse my tighs are growing. Many woman and man have it and hey, they are beautiful in their imperfect way.


  • Scar: When I was 6 years old I had a appendicitis surgery and it left a scar on my stomach. It’s a proof that I survived and the doctors did a good job on my body. If I would treated it too late I could have died. It’s amazing how you change your view on some things, right?
  • Petite body shape: I have always been really skinny and I never liked it. If you have been on social media lately you could se posts like: Men like meat not bones or: fuck skinny bitches. Skinny shaming can be hurtful too. With all the media telling you that curvy is beautiful, and you have really bony body, you could think that your body isn’t beautiful. It doesn’t matter what the media is telling you, you have an imperfectly perfect body so rock it!


  • Acne: I have been struggling with acne for about 4 years and it’s keep getting worse and worse. I’m not going to lie it can hurt your self esteem. In two years being in my high school nobody ever saw me without powder and that’s sad. I’m not ashamed of having acne, I do think I look prettier with makeup on, but I don’t think I look horible without it. The problem is, that I’m afraid of what people will think. One day I will go to school bare faced and owned it. One day…


  • Beauty marks: I have a lot of them all over my body and I don’t mind them at all. This is something natural. identical twins for example, can be separated only by their beauty marks.

Eva Mendes rocking her beauty mark!

The no #1 most important thing in our lives is to love ourselfes. I know it can be a long jurney, I’m still on it too, but once you make peace with yourself, life will be a lot easier.

Hope you are having an amazing day, remember that you are not alone, i love you



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