Collective Drugstore Makeup Haul

Hello sweeties how are you?

I know, I know long time no see. This time I’m not even going to try to make an excuse, becouse I don’t have any. I was simply lazy and out of ideas. But I’m back on track and I have a lot of new things going up. Let me start with a good old makeup haul. I went on two trips to my local drugstore and boughts some new stuff. Let me show you!!

I needed some eyeshadow blending brushes becouse I don’t really have a lot of them. I bought two, both from Body&Soul. The company sells really affortable brushes, I tried some of them before and I liked it. They don’t really have names so i will just it like this; the smaller one will be perfect for the crease and also the overall blending. It’s really soft and it blends the eyeshadow beautifully. The longer one is also for blending but it’s a bit smaller for more precize application. I do like the smaller one better, it blends the eyeshadow a lot easier and prettier. I don’t think this brushes will last a long time, but for the price they are great.

I also bought a Makeup sponge also from Body&Soul. It’s a dupe for the original Beauty Blender. People rave about this allllll the time and I actually owned a beauty sponge before but I didn’t liked it. I”m not sure about this one too. It picks up way to much product and sheeers out my foundation. I like that it really presses my foundation in so it looks really natural, but I have to use a lot more of the foundation. I wet it with water so I don’t really get it. If anybody has any tips for me, please tell me.


Then I also bought 2 nail polishes. Lately I have been really into earth and nude tone polishes. The first is the O.P.I Nail Polish in the colour Tiramisu for two. It’s a classic pretty nude colour. I heard amazing things about O.P.I polishes so I’m really excited to try it. The second is from the brand Coral and the shade is 173. This colour is different from everything I own but I like it. It’s straight out gray and looks really nice on the nails.


I got two new concealers; the Bourjois Healthy mix Correcting Concealer and the Bell HYPOAllergenic Concealer. I will do a review on these two so I’m not going to talk about it here.


The last thing is also from HYPOAllergenic. It’s their lip liner but again I will do a review on it so you will have to wait heheh.


Anyways, hope you liked this if you have any other suggestions or comments please leave them below, as always I’m sending you all my love,


2 thoughts on “Collective Drugstore Makeup Haul

  1. The Beauty Journal says:

    For the sponge problem, try to apply your foundation with a brush first (a flat top kabuki would be awesome, it would already press the product into the skin) and then go in with the damp sponge to give it an airbrushed effect & avoid the cake face risk!
    Also, beauty sponges really absorb very liquid foundations, so if your foundation of choice looks runny the application should be done in two steps – dotting on your face, maybe spreading it a little bit with your fingers to warm it up and make it sink, and then going in with the sponge. This is what works for me at least!
    Mari xx

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