September favourites and empties ❤

Hello sweeties how are you?

September has come to the end, i’m back in school and I have to say, I’m pretty bored, you fell me? I’m bored of waking up at 6 every morning, I’m bored of walking in cold rain to school, I’m expecially bored of classes that we have (I really don’t care about the algebra and when Pitagora was born), I’m bored of studying. Yep, you may have noticed, I’m BORED. But it’s not all black and white in this world, the autumn has started and I love this season. I love looking through the window with a warm coffe in my hand and listening to small rain drops just tapping on the window. As that being said, I will survive, don’t worry. Maybe I don’t love school, but I love my friends who are in it and I love autumn and all the blogging stuff that comes with it. Let’s see what I have been loving this month and what I have used up, shall we?


Loreal Super Liner

I talked about this is a post not that long ago and if you have read it, you know how much I love it so check it out Here. It’s really black, easy to apply and lasts a long time, so it’s defenetly one of my fave eyeliners.

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick in the colour 340 Berry Bradshaw

This is the PERFECT lipstick for autumn. It’s a dark vampy color, the perfect dark purply-red. It’s not completelly matte, it has slight shimmer in it, but not too much. It glides on smoothly and it doesn’t dry out my lips eather. The lasting power is  quite impressive for a drugstore brand, And by the way it costs 4,20 euros.


Victoria SecIMG_7488[1]ret Aqua Kiss Fragrance mist

It’s in a scent rain-kissed freesia & daisy. When you first put it on it’s smells like a hand sanitizer (and not the lovely one) but when you let the smell to develope, it smells so fresh and settle. I don’t really like sweet scents, so this is perfect for me. It’s also not really harsh, becouse this is a body spray and not a parfume, so you can only smell it if you come really near me (i think all scents should be like that). It reminds me of summer and I just love it.


Marseiliais Le Petit shampoo 

It’s for normal hair and split ends and that’s what I have. I already tried this product before and I really liked it so I bought it again. This leaves my hair feeling super silk and smooth. I’m not really sure that this fixed my split ends, but I wasn’t really expecting that becouse hey, let’s be realistic, I don’t really think you can repair them, it’s easier just to chop them off. Also I feel like this shampoo made my hair greasy faster, but I didn’t really had a problem with that becouse I wash my hair every third day.


Balea Moisturizing Cream

I didn’t really like thisIMG_7471[1] cream  becouse the scent is horrible. It’s way to strong and weird and it just felt itchy on my skin. My skin is really sensitive becouse I have hormonal acne and this cream just wasn’t for it.

Afrodita young and pure Deep hydrating Makeup foundation cream 

It’s for normal tIMG_7490[1]o combination skin and I loved it. Many face creams are really thick but not this one. It feels very soft and it has more of a watery consistency so you don’t have to drag the product around the face. It leaves my face feeling moisturized and it’s also wonderful for acne prone skin. As it says on the packaging, it’s a great for a base under the makeup.

That’s all for this post, hope you like it and if you have any questions, recomendations or comments, leave them down bellow. Hope you are having a wonderful day, love


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2 thoughts on “September favourites and empties ❤

  1. Amanda Ross says:

    The loreal super liner lasts forever, and the felt tip never wears out compared to most brands. Great choice! I have some fall favorites as well that you may enjoy- feel free to check it out!

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