Men After Shave as a primer??

Hello sweeties how are you?

I heard from NikkiTutorials on youtube that Nivea Men After Shave Balm works amazingly as a primer under the foundation. I thought that was really interesting, so I decided to try it out, we shall see!!


On the packaging it says that it’s for sensitive skin, it instantly soothes irritation and enhances skin’s condition after time. I wouldn’t know if that’s true, becouse hallooo I didn’t use this after shaving. But I do like the fact, that It’s sensitive, so it doesn’t irritate my skin.  It contains 0 % alcohol and doesn’t burn.

You get 100 mL in it and that’s a lot compered to a regular primer, which contains 30  mL. If this turns out great, I could use this for a really long time. The price is also great, around 7 euros compered to primer from Loreal which is 12 euros for example.

It comes in a huge glass container, but it look quite elegent in my makeup collection.


It smell menly, I havo to say. But it’s not a really strong, overwhelming scent, so it doesn’t bother me.It’s white  and liquidy and when you put it on your hand, it slides off.

Now let’s see how it works

Nikki said that when you put it on you have to wait a few minutes before putting on a foundation, so it gets tacky. I did just that and then I applied foundation like I normally would. I used the Catrice Better Skin Foundation, which isn’t super long lasting.  The primer gets really sticky so it makes sense, why it helps with foudation lasting longer on the skin.


The result

It works!! Throughout the day, i noticed that my foundation stayed put. It hasn’t moved for about 10 hours and this foundation usually lasts for 7 or so and it creases and become cakey way before even tho I use the Max Factor primer.

I would really suggest this. Ok  you smell like a man for few moments but when you put foundation over it, the smell is completely gone.

  • your foundation lasts longer
  • you save money, becouse the jar is huge


Anyways, hope you liked this, if you have any other “strange” makeup suggestions, please share them:) Sending you all my love


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